Wednesday, 1 March 2017


No need to over-egg it

On line earlier this week ago, from Down Under –

Professor Reuven Feuerstein is recognised by key academics worldwide as the world's greatest educator of our generation.

Hmm... It sounds like Reuven Feuerstein might have been a bit world-famous too. Or does it?

It is surely not just the British who see such overhyped praise embarrassing and therefore a little aversive. Someone should tell he enthusiasts who repeat such things, albeit in all sincerity, that even if such claims are verifiable they are just not in good taste. And potentially harmful to their cause.

If such claims are patently not verifiable, then they throw into immediate doubt everything else that ill-advised enthusiasts might be saying – and along with it whatever is the real value of the substance under consideration.

Let's be straight about this

To be plain, is Reuven Feuerstein really 'recognised by key academics worldwide as the world's greatest educator of our generation'? If so, who are these 'key academics' and where have these worthies stated this? 

And while we are asking that, where and when was András Pető 'world famous'. Among whom and for what? And again, where is this fame and reputation to be found?

Neither Reuven Feuerstein nor András Pető needs acclamation of this sort. Who benefits from such hype, and who is this hoped to convince anyway? The gullible? Or just those who say this? On the other side of the coin, what disbenefits might it generate to the hard-fought causes that both man shouldered?

The merits of the philosophies and practical merits of their personal practices – and of the the practices  and ideas that have followed in their wake  – can stand far moresecurely on their own concrete merits and human benefits.

I could be wrong but I strongly suspect that both Reuven Feuerstein and András Pető, and their immediate associates, would have much preferred reputations founded on what their work actually achieved, rather that on supposed recognition by unidentified others.

Or am I being old-fashioned?

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