Monday, 20 March 2017


Straight, impassioned talking from Hungary

Ildikó Berente, on Facebook –

A conductor is a PEDAGOGUE, not a provider … The conductor acquires the PEDAGOGIC SYSTEM, the pedagogical system founded by András Pető. The Pető system of pedagogy!
Since a disability is for ever, and does not go away, Pető believed that the disabled should receive conductive pedagogy for the rest of their lives! Those who deny this deny András Pető his life's work and that of his closest colleague in bringing the Pető method to the world, and spit in the face of Dr Mária Hári …
Thanks to the brave ones', to those who dared not to sign the humiliating downgrade of their qualifications in their contract, and to those conductors who are getting on with the job, despite these events

I do hope that the above just about catches the spirit and gist of what Ildikó writes this morning. Those many whose Hungarian is better than mine are welcome to improve on it.

Ildikó's full facebook page is a useful CE resource, on more that this recent unpleasantness:


Berente, I. (2017) Pedagógus a konduktor? IGEN!!!  P. – 'sérültnek az életük végéig...' [Is the conductor a pedagogue? YES!!!  P.– 'disabled till the end of their lives'...], Facebook, 20 March

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