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A month of heat but little light

After more than a year of relative public quiet around the PAF (Andras Pető College, formerly the Pető Institute) another bitter political-financial row broke out around the PAF on 3 March.

The matter has concerned the salaries and terms and conditions of conductors who work there with adults. Regulations state that they cannot be paid as teachers and this threatens a cut in pay and an increase in hours. Conductors involved have walked away. The future of the Adults' Department and conductor-training to work with adults has seemed at risk. Then possible deal is tabled by management. What happens now is still not clear. Perhaps it will be on Monday, the first day of the new working week. Over the month there have been parliamentary and ministerial involvement, and an online public petition. What happens now and next is not clear.

Today is the last day of March. has been an awful lot in the Hungarian media but no investigative journalism to peel back what is happening beneath. The English-language press in Hungary has kept out of it – and so have media outside Hungary, despite the continuing ritual assertion that the PAF is 'world-famous', the world has either not noticed, or is just not interested

Conductive World has monitored these events. The month's postings are listed below as an appendix. One can certainly feel the heat and the intensity of the conflict. But these is little light shed


Wednesday and Thursday of this week seemed a little more hopeful for a settlement to the most immediate problem of keeping the PAF's Adults' Department going, for the sake of its clients and for its role in conductor-training. No longer-term future was indicated to, however, or consideration of any underlying problems:

Among all this media verbiage: Palkovics László, State Secretary for Education, has told ls Magyar Idők (a pro-Government newspaper) told –

...the leadership of the university acted according to the law, but the case has revealed that the institute's situation has to be considered.

Negotiations are going on about possible cooperation with Semmelweis University, but the Senates of two institutions will decide on this.

Video: the struggle continues...

The Pető affair: the battle has been won, but not yet the war

The Semmelweis University is a medical university. How might these negotiations lead on to solving the present problems? What might lie on that table? What unintended consequences could ensue?

Diplomatic initiative...

As far as is publicly known, CE institutions around the world, local, national or cross-national, have stood aside from these events. In Hungary.. This morning Norman Perrin blogged that he had written to the Hungarian Ambassador in London, asking him – urge all parties to take all necessary steps to ensure the continuation at Pető András Főiskola of services for adults, including the training of Conductors to work with them and, especially, to recognise the international importance of the adult services at the Pető András Főiskola to those of us working to promote and provide Conductive Education adults’ services outside Hungary.

He urged individuals concerned over this matter to write themselves to the Hungarian Ambassadors in their own countries to express their own views.


Conductive World's postings on PAF's
progress through Hungarian media
over March 2017

Media outside Hungary have just not noticed, or have nor been interested

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