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Norman Perrin writes
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Yesterday Norman Perrin wrote to Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczki,  Ambassador of Hungary in London and today he blogged the following extract from his letter, requesting the Ambassador.– urge all parties to take all necessary steps to ensure the continuation at Pető András Főiskola of services for adults, including the training of Conductors to work with them and, especially, to recognise the international importance of the adult services at the Pető András Főiskola to those of us working to promote and provide Conductive Education adults’ services outside Hungary.

Norman goes to urge those who care about this matter, wherever, they may be, to write to the Hungarian Ambassadors in their own counties.

I you, so, do please communicate the response that you get to the wider world of Conductive Education. I am sure that Norman will.


Perrin, N. (2017) Does adult continuing Conductive Education have a future at Pető András Főiskola ? C.E. Jottings, 31 March

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