Friday, 24 March 2017


PAF back in media this day
It began late last night and ran on over today. At its simplest:
    The dispute over the adults' conductors' salaries has been passed to the Ombudsman. The Equal Opportunities Minister János Lázár said yesterday that 'administrative errors' related to the employment and payment the conductors will be sorted within weeks. 
    Following disclosure of fresh documents by PAF Chancellor Máté Mihályi in February, the Fraud Squad has reopened the case of allegations of financial embezzlement under previous management.
At least, that what I think is going on. Those who understand better, please correct:
Opposition MP Timea Szabó featured strongly in these reports. In her blog this afternoon she acknowledged progress and called for the fight to continue:
As in previous public furores around PAF, nothing has spilled out into the non-Hungarian media.
Three previous items on  this theme

Sound of distant drums

From one of several previous rocky patches in the Hungarian media, in 2013:

Doubtless more on this anon...

 *  US trainwreck, a chaotic or disastrous situation that holds a ghoulish fascination for observers.

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