Tuesday, 21 March 2017


He's back...

Those who like me have missed the regular blog postings by Ralph Strzałkowski over the last year may share my own delight at seeing the Lawyer on Wheels back on line, and as fresh as ever in his views:

He has had quite a year, revelling in his burgeoning legal career and very involved as an activist with his disability charity. He may even write another book.

I do hope that Ralph will be blogging regularly again like he used to, and that some of his postings will again include his characteristically frank (and sometimes acerbic) insights into Conductive Education. The experiences and analyses of those who have grown up with motor disorders and who have taken a first-hand part in conductive pedagogy have an essential contribution to make if Conductive Education is to get its act together in the twenty-first century. Like many another matter, this is too important to be left to the professionals.

If the drive for Conductive Education is to be as holistic as its philosophy implies it should be, then it has to incorporate the understandings and aspirations of the whole population that knows it, in whatever ways

Ralph was born with cerebral palsy, in 1979. He grew up grew up in Poland and from 1986 to 1990 was a pupil at the then Pető Institute. After a law degree in his home country he moved to Florida, and trained and practises there as an attorney. In 2103 he inaugurated the charity FDAAF (the Florida Disability Access and Awareness Foundation), a small organisation with big ideas.

A collection of 53 of his earlier blog postings, relating to growing up with cerebral palsy, life under Conductive Education, making a new life in the United States, and related matters, was published in 2013. In that year he was also a Keynote Speaker at the Eighth World CE Congress in Germany.


FDAFF (Florida Disability Access and Awareness Foundation)

Lawyer on Wheels (blog)

Congress Keynote (abstract)

Never, Never Quit. My Conductive Education, Birmingham, CEP, 2013 (book)


Strzałkowski,R. (2017) A year in my life, Lawyer on Wheels, 21 March











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