Sunday, 26 March 2017


One day, perhaps

In September 2013 Rabbi Zoltán Radnóti of Budapest published a brief  account of the life of András Pető:

Only in September 2o16, all of three years later, did Conductive World notice this, and reported it in English:

I did not know at the time that this article had been already been referred to three months earlier, by Ildikó Berente by republishing one of the photographs from Zoltán Radnóti's article on her Facebook page. This had been spotted and passed to Ildiko by conductor Andrea Schneider – a reminder of when Ildikó had attended the then Pető Institute back in the nineteen-seventies:

Ildikó's Facebook page shows four such pictures, a precious personal and historical record of perhaps wider interest:
Ildikó's impassioned statement on the recent problems at the now Pető College was reported on Conductive World (in English) only this week:

Joining the dots

I did not myself find this cross-over. It was pointed out to me by a closer and more attuned observer of the scene.

I did not myself find this cross-over. It was pointed out to me by a closer and more attuned observer of the scene. It is always good to share a glimpse of the myriad individual interconnections that go to make up the small, scattered world of Conductive Education.

Formal institutional links in this field have achieved little to advance the cause of Conductive Education. Perhaps other strata and involvements hold greater potential force.


Berente, I. (2017) Pedagógus a konduktor? IGEN!!! P. – 'sérültnek az életük végéig...' [Is the conductor a pedagogue? YES!!! P.– 'disabled till the end of their lives'...], Facebook, 20 March

Radnóti, Z. (2013) 'Kelj fel és járj!”'– Rövid megemékezés arról a férfiról, aki gyermekek ezreinek segített, hogy elindulhassanak az életbe – (Életmesék XXXI.) ['Stand up and walk'], Zolirabi (blog), 11 September

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