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Radical departure for PAF

An undated press release from PAF appeared on line earlier this week....

External conductor training in Transylvania

The András Pető College has been delivering the Pető method and conductor-training longer than half a century. Apart from the home institution in Budapest, the first external, BA-level conductor training will be provided from September 2017 in Transylvania.

This conductor-training in Illyefalva which aims to provide complex rehabilitation for children and adults within a complex conductive provision, came about through the united support of Reformed [Calvinist] Bishop Béla Kató, the [Hungarian] Ministry of Human Resources and the Christian Youth and Diaconic Foundation.

The training is based on strict requirements, it is practice-oriented which requires both physical and psychological effort from the trainees. Only those who take the upbringing of disabled children and their preparation for life as a lifelong commitment could meet these requirements.

We are expecting applications for the course from those who already have preschool or primary teaching qualification and experience. By absorbing experience from the three-year course, applicants will obtain a current and popular professional qualification and have an opportunity to obtain employment, currently 90% amongst those qualified. With this qualification they will also be able to contribute to establishing and developing a network of conductive provision, so that those in need can access this in their community or near to where they live, we can end their vulnerability, and they can become full members of society.

What does this mean, what does it imply? Preparations must be well advanced to meet an opening date of September this year. Look out for recruitment notices.

Right now, this has been a busy week in Budapest, with the fuss over salaries for conductors working with adults plus what must be an advanced stage of preparation for this major new initiative. How do they manage to fit everything in?

As for this new project all sorts of questions jump immediately to mind, for example:
  • What will be the awarding body for the qualification, the PAF or a Romanian institution?
  • How will the service and the new qualification be integrated with existing Romanian state services?
  • What will be the language of the course, Hungarian?
  • How many students will be trained?
  • How/where should prospective students find out more?
  • Three years, what does this imply?
  • What will be the final qualification?
  • Former teachers + a three-year add-on = another kind of conductor?
  • Who will train and teach there (NB  Kazakhstan also needs servicing)?
...and so on, the world of Conductive Education just got that little more complicated.


The village of Illyefalva (Ilieni in Romanian) lies in Transylvania, close to the Hungarian border

A video

Here is a short video in the town of Illyefalva. The soundtrack is in Hungarian but no matter. It is under twenty minutes long, sit back, relax,  and enjoy it. It looks a charming place:

A quick read

PAF's cross-border activity

For an earlier posting on the PAF's activities in former Hungarian territories, one mention of several, see :

The reformed church seems often involved. And the Hungarian Foreign Ministry.

Another recently announced add-on teachers' course

Altogether unrelated, this is also to commence in September this year, in Germany:

Keep 'em peeled...


(2017) Konduktor alapszak” székhelyen kívüli indítása Erdélyben (press release) Budapest, PAF

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