Tuesday, 7 March 2017


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My Conductive Way

Gill Maguire has drawn to my attention a new Facebook page, called 'My Conductive Way'. I had not previously noticed this page. It looks like it opened only at the start of last month but it has already attracted a lot of likes and followers.

Perhaps others might like to see it too:

It comprises briefly captioned photos and jolly, professional-looking videos featuring younger-age children. There is no explanatory matter. At the moment anyway, style and content suggest that its focus is on marketing attendance at PAF's international groups to families from outside Hungary.

Here, in the home of conductive education we are waiting to meet our new friends!

'Educational Research Center'?

This new site describes itself in the following terms –

Educational Research Center in Budapest, Hungary

Does this represent a decided shift in focus in its work, or is it merely a rebranding. Either way, it could prove a tricky path to tread as it raises expectations that the PAF might find hard to meet.

A link provided on the page indicates something of the field of educational research centres as represented on Facebook:

If substantive, the implications of being marketed as an educational research centre – for the future work and workforce of the PAF, and for its reputation – could be considerable.

NB It also seem to be reverting to the old name (brand?) of Pető Institute


(2017- ) My Conductive Way – Peto Institute (Facebook)

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