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Interest in Conductive Education
Eva Bower and Do Michael

A small contribution to the rough and tough story of the long struggle for Conductive Education around the world –

During the early years of her career in paediatric physiotherapy, Eva mainly worked in special schools including during the 1960s at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt School in Swiss Cottage.

An early example of her openness to novel approaches followed attendance at a Margaret Rood sensorimotor stimulation course. Eva arrived back at FDR with a battery driven rotating paint brush which she then used on a number of the children, to much amusement but little physical effect. However, her drive to find new and improved strategies for children with cerebral palsy was not diminished.

Some time after this, she and her physiotherapy colleague Do Michael were sacked by Miss Duffield, the head of Middlesex PT schools. Their crime was to start up and run a conductive rehabilitation Peto group at FDR after a visit to the Watford Spastics Centre run by Dorothy Seglow and Esther Cotton...

Written by Eva's son Professor Mark Bower, to mark Eva's retirement in November 2013 as Editor of the Association of Chartered Paediatric Physiotherapists Journal.


Bower, M. (2005) Eva Bower – A career in paediatric physiotherapy, Association of Chartered Paediatric Physiotherapists Journal, vol. 5, no 1, p. 3

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