Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Some confusion there too?

Two items greeted me this morning on Conductive World Market...

1. A job advert

Fortschritt Wurtzberg, Bavaria, is an established conductive organisation that provides a range of services. It is looking for someone to extend its activities –

To strengthen our team, we are looking for a dedicated conductor, or PTK. As a group leader you lead your own conductive programs and teams. You can implement your own creative ideas and develop new projects in various course groups, from the fields of sports, theatre, cooking etc.

'A conductor, or PTK' Are they really considered equivalent?

2. A plea for help

From Starnberg, Bavaria, Nico Wunderle, a student social worker in his fifth semester needs a theme for his dissertation. He would like to examine Conductive Education and has found a possible supervisor. He writes an open appeal –

She has told me that I could examine whether the Pető concept is now out of date. She said, "Pető wants people with disabilities to be part of society and is committed to integration, whereas nowadays we have inclusion as a goal and no one with disability has to adapt to society."
This statement does not satisfy me in the least and I would certainly not choose a question forcing me to discredit Pető.
Hence my question: Do you think that it is possible to write my undergraduate social work thesis on Pető? How could I formulate the topic within the framework of social work?

Oh dear. For myself I do not think that social work is the problem here but a particular recent consensus ideology of what constitutes disability. I do not know how one can contest this from the bottom of the pecking order! As for social work and CE, the only social worker whom I have known to have stood and expressed herself boldly at their intersection is Janet Read – none that I have known since.

Incidentally (dare I say it?) this is possibly an area where the United Kingdom has been rather ahead of Germany. If so, over there you ain't seen nothing yet. Good luck to all if this flourishes. Meanwhile, can anyone help Nico with his immediate problem?

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Blogger NormanP said...

I've been pondering Nico Wunderle's problem off and on since reading your post, Andrew.

What strikes me is that at the root of his problem is his tutor's characterisation of conductive education as between integration and inclusion.

As far as I can tell, conductive education of itself has and never has had a position one way or the other.

True, some advocates of conductive education, including myself, have veered this way and that, as time and circumstance and funding winds blew.

Is it fair to state firmly that CE has no theoretical position at all when it comes to integration or inclusion? The end point, the stated aim, of conductive education is orthofunction – which I take to mean something like “maximal enhanced participation in valued life roles” if I might borrow and adapt from your post earlier today “'CE RESEARCH' Some sound sense” (http://www.conductive-world.info/2017/02/ce-research.html) The precise expression of orthofunction in any given society is likely to be culturally influenced. So not only is CE indifferent as between integration or inclusion, it can co-exist with either and all gradients in between.

What might Nico Wunderle do? Two suggestions: he might take a look firstly at social pedagogy and secondly at the work on “Citizenship” of Simon Duffy of the Centre for Welfare Reform. Either, or indeed, both, might offer a more contemporary ‘social’ resonance for conductive education (orthofunction). What’s more, a properly focused study in this area might actually result in a study that could be of some value to practitioners looking forward.

Sorry I cannot formulate a research question for him. I’ll do some more pondering maybe.

Thursday, 9 February 2017 at 20:22:00 GMT  
Blogger NormanP said...

Follow on from previous Comment: see further re Social Pedagogy at www.cejottings.co.uk/2017/02/nurturing-wellbeing-2-seminars-from-social-pedagogy-development-network-conded.html

Saturday, 18 February 2017 at 13:53:00 GMT  

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