Tuesday, 21 February 2017


You couldn't make it up

University students who buy essays on line face fines and a criminal record under plans to punish plagiarism being considered by the [UK] government...

Now the Department of Education has announced it is consulting with universities over how to crack down on cheating students

The DfE is currently consulting on a number of proposals with higher education bodies, ranging from fines, academic blacklists, and even criminal records for students found submitting professionally-written essays...

The Quality Assurance Agency, the universities regulator, is consulting with the government and is pushing for new laws.

The new guidance is due to be implemented in September, in order to coincide with the beginning of the next academic year.

Plenty more on this:

I see here that a PhD thesis could set one back up to £6,750.

And I recall being told by Mária Hári that a long time ago, in Vienna, András Pető used to supplement his income by writing other people's theses. In that context at least, she did not seem to regard this as particularly reprehensible.


Yorke, H. (2017) University students could be fined or handed criminal records for plagiarised essays, new proposals suggest, Daily Telegraph, 21 February

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