Friday, 24 February 2017


Declutter time

Here in Middle England, yesterday was a day of Atlantic gales. More rain is forecast for tomorrow. Today though it looked a bit like spring, enough so to turn the mind to spring-cleaning.

And to remind one of Conductive Education's Great Spring Clean – more overdue by the year.

Conductive World posted on this a year ago, wondering about the process of cluttering in this field and, more importantly, how best to go about tidying, sorting, decluttering. Not surely by means of ad hoc processes of the sort that brought about the situation in the first place.

Explicit theoretical positions linked to formal programmes of structured R&D (research and development) might help clear out some treasured bric-a-brac – and argue for the protection and reinstallation of some old things neglected or forgotten.

Last year's posting on this topic

Sutton, A. (2016) Ist das Kunst Oder kann das weg? Is this important or can it be thrown away? Conductive World, 24 February

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