Monday, 20 February 2017


More on that lecture in Nottingham

Late last night Conductive World reported the online announcement of a lecture on 'The role of Conductive Education in an early years setting' by conductor Kirsten Bairstow-Robb. In less than twenty-four hours since then more than two-hundred people from around the world have linked to this blog posting, with an unknown number seeing the associated entry on Facebook:

The lecture is part of a series, 'SEN and Disabilities Seminar Series 2016/17':

open to all students and staff in the School of Education and staff in partner schools.

Admission is by ticket provided upon application and is free of cost. The lecture is preceded by refreshments. How very familiar it all seems, a traditional event such has been held in the UK's schools of ed. seemingly from time immemorial.

Why so interesting?

Semi-public lectures on aspects of Conductive Education are so rare nowadays. Why might this be? You can take your choice of suggested answers to that question – there's a PhD waiting to be done there. But of immediate note here is why this bald little report has attracted such rapid and widespread interest on line.

Is it something inherent in the particular topic that touches a button, early-age intervention? Or is it the medium, which could suggest an unsatisfied appetite for semi-public lectures/seminars on Conductive Education generally? Few of those who read about this on line will be able to get to suburban Nottingham that evening in March, but whatever has drawn their interest to this on line, one of the Comments on Facebook might speak for a quite general feeling:

Can you please send the materials of your lecture Kristen Bairstow-Robb or upload somewhere? ... I think others would be interested too.

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