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A photo of Oliver Sacks, courtesy of Oliver Sacks. Five years ago Conductive World facebooked a video of an interview with Oliver Sacks:

There so much concentrated into this video's eight minutes that should be reassuring to those concerned with the proper understanding, scientific credibility and, well, the sheer contextualisation of Conductive Education, that it seems well worth flagging this video again in 2017:

A few convenient links have been added below as annotation.

Ways forward for Conductive Education?
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Here is just one sample of what Oliver Sacks says on the video, in this case about how he had felt when he came across Aleksandr Luriya's neuropsychology –

...the stultifying phrenological neurology... could be replaced by the wonderful notion of functional systems with different components

So much more appropriate a way of thinking about the development (and redevelopment) of neuropsychological processes than 'rewiring the brain', or 'creating new pathways'. Potentially so much more productive too.

Aleksandr Luriya had died in 1977. Oliver Sacks died in 2015. The tradition that Luriya helped establish continues. For a taste of where this intellectual tradition can lead, see:

How refreshing it would be to see such a scientific narrative of Conductive Education spun through a Romantic Science (and how compatible, I suspect, with some at least of the thinking of András Pető)....

A conductor writes:

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