Thursday, 16 February 2017


(The cost of compromise?)

I have seen this on a CE centre's website –
...the children were very busy today… and more importantly – having lots of fun!
Well meaning, good-hearted words, representing a widely expressed sentiment, but think hard about what they say, very hard.
Think too of the ever-widening range of activities now referred to as Conductive Education, about the range of interests and agendas being served, the constituencies being addressed, the conflicts being avoided.
Consider so many visual and verbal messages about Conductive Education now conveyed to the world. What notions of Conductive Education now prevail?

* * *

I recall some twenty-odd years ago being asked by a young conductor who had been long enough in the UK to realise the degree of incomprehension and opposition around Conductive Education –
 Oh, when will they stop fighting us?
I had naught for her comfort, except to say –
 When we are no longer any different from how they are.
Since then, has the great, defensive mass of the existing professional-administrative complex shifted significantly towards major positions manifest in Conductive Education? Or will mutual accommodation come as a result of a contrary process, with Conductive Education's finding a niche in established host communities by sinking quietly into existing ways of thinking?
Likely my way of thinking is simplistic and outmoded and there are other models for expressing the problem and possible ways of accommodation. What are they?

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