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Surely not

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Norman Perrin has outlined a powerful basis for responding to NICE's sad, retrograde document on what it still unquestioningly calls 'cerebral palsy':

I cannot believe that there are not others in the UK who would not echo the substance of his words – most though not necessarily all somehow connected with Conductive Education.
  • Perhaps they have not yet spotted this document (and perhaps they never will). One can scarcely credit such unawareness of an important factor that is shaping their world and will continue to so. But what do I know? No ground map means little chance of successful navigation and little possibility of creating an effective 'roadmap'. And one need hardly be a Sun Tzu to wonder what chance there is of success for Conductive Education in the future battle at any level, from individuals' tussles over funding to a hand on social policy.

  • Perhaps no relevant organisation was on NICE's list of stakeholders for the public consultation when it was held – not even the no-longer conductive Action Cerebral Palsy (which regards itself as a pressure group). This was in September-October last year. I suppose that I can believe this, reluctantly – albeit reluctantly because I hate to confront the possible implications.

  • Perhaps the draft document did go out to organisations that might have responded in the vein of Norman's comments referred to here. If so, perhaps appropriate responses were made, and simply ignored. Or perhaps at the end of the summer holiday/start of new term, there was no one with the time to reply. Perhaps there was no one with anything to say. Surely not in either case.
We English, and likely the other Brits, are now where we are. The game is not yet over, however, and it will as ever be interesting to see what happens next.

Meanwhile, if you are in the UK, or even elsewhere, and look forward to the dawn of the best possible situation for Conductive Education in the best of all possible worlds, have a look at what Norman has blogged:

For more of what he is talking about, see:

And wonder about how you might one day respond to the old question:

     Mummy/Daddy, what did you do in the War,


Perrin, N. (2017) Cerebral palsy? Motor dysfunction? What do educators know anyway? CE Jottings, 31 January

Sutton, A. (2017) Nice guideline for UK: cerebral palsy, Conductive World, 30 January

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