Saturday, 7 January 2017


Passing them on...

People in CE seem to love 'principles'.

Here is a principled statement that I used to use a lot when introducing and outlining Conductive Education, both when writing and speaking.

I had picked it up from Reuven Feuerstein, and I see from the following that this had been picked up in turn by others in CE. See it here:

I commend it to those faced with the task of explaining Conductive Education, at whatever level.

This little hierarchy offers a robust conceptual framework to help people appreciate how a holistic view of developmental disorders (not just motor-disorder) might be operationalised in a whole-upbringing, pedagogic approach.

(One might even say that it offers the basis for an action-based corollary to Bronfenbrenner's 'ecological' understanding, which is from a primarily psychological rather than pedagogical viewpoint).

I used it a lot when teaching. I wonder what variety of models, conceptual frameworks etc. people use nowadays when teaching about Conductive Education on degree-level courses. It could be so important for the future if these are not shared.

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