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Chinese New Year begins Sunday

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The artist, Kwok Kai Yip

SAHK's workshops produce such accomplished art and craft. This card was painted by Kwok Kai Yip:

East meets West in CE?

Many major cities in the West will be holding public New Year celebrations over the next week of two, and Chinese families and businesses around the world will be marking the occasion. Perhaps some Western CE services may also lay on something. For the main part, however, Western Conductive Education will likely to continue to ignore what is happening in China, especially in Hong Kong, now as they have done inn the past. It will therefore remain immune to the challenging questions posed by Oriental Conductive Education, and unaware of some of the answers being elaborated in practice.

In 2010, SAHK in Hong Kong reached out a considerable hand to the West at the memorable 'Chinese Congress' (WC7). In both subsequent World Congresses, near Munich (2014) and in Budapest (2016), SAHK and other Chinese conductivists maintained the long-standing practice of a large and visible Chinese presence, presenting and learning. But what connection has 'the West' maintained over these years. What information has flowed Westwards, what has been learned 'over here'? How have Western thinking and practice been affected by awareness of the Chinese experience.

Not a lot, I suspect, if any. I could of course be wrong over this: perhaps there is plenty happening and I am just out of the loop. Or perhaps Hong Kong and China have already been closely and critically examined and it has been concluded that Western CE is developing satisfactorily under its own momentum, doing very well thank you, theoretically and practically – and needs no help from 'outside', from anywhere.

A small request

All the same it would be interesting to see an overview or two of Oriental Conductive Education. Help the West to share some of this experience:
  • direct account of Chinese families' experience of this approach
  • a descriptive geography to indicate something of the size (better, the sheer size) of this phenomenon
  • a methodological text or two to indicate what is actually done
  • an academic research review to indicate what is being evaluated and what the outcomes are.
Quite possibly such materials are already available, on line. OK, these may be published only in Cantonese or Mandarin, but that is a problem for would-be readers. Share links anyway.

The Year of the Rooster is a as good a time as any time for sharing references – and especially URLs – that might help enlarge the rest-of the-world's window on the conductive East...

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