Tuesday, 3 January 2017


CE: a natural experiment in comparative education

It is the time of year to raise the eyes to tasks ahead. What are these for 2017?

Do they still relate to the need to adapt to survive while conversely trying to hold on tight to what is precious from days gone by? Tsad Kadima in Israel has recently provided the first account of how this consideration has been woven explicitly into the long-term development of conductive practice in a new social context.

In the spirit of this conundrum here is a posting from Conductive World seven years ago today, called 'Conductive Education is where it is':


This was a plea for a more cross-cultural, comparative-educational understanding of the transfer of Conductive Education from one society to another. Specifically mentioned were the United Kingdom and the United States, Australia and New Zealand, China, Israel, and Hungary. The central theme should be more applicable.

The problems raised here have not been explicitly addressed within Conductive Education, and the world that generates them has not gone away. Read the original posting here:

The cross-cultural problem in transferring Conductive Education from one country to another was first raised in print in 1965.


Schenker, R. (ed.) (2016) Genesis. Bringing Conductive Education to Israel, Birmingham and Jerusalem, CEP and Tsad Kadima

Sutton, A. (2010) Conductive Education is where it is and will have to turn out accordingly, Conductive World, 3 January,

Second-hand copies of Cottam and Sutton (1985) are available on line, at prices ranging from the reasonable to the ridiculous:

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