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From New Zealand, Melissa Barry's review on Conductive Education for the Accident Compensation Corporation is actually a review of empirical outcome evaluations in English, with a little consideration of the 'grey literature'. Its very careful conclusions include:
  •  ...the quality of available literature has not changed since 2003. (p. 18)
  • Analysis of the academic peer-reviewed literature does not clearly present a case for or against purchasing CE programmes... as a specific programme itself the evidence for it is poor. (p. 18)
  • The current recommendation cannot be changed based on the evidence alone, as it is unlikely, for this specific research question, that the quality and consistency of evidence is likely to change in the near future (p. 18)
  • Both the MoH and the MoE  consider CE as no better or worse than other programmes (p. 20)
  • ...the recommendation for Conductive Education Programmes in children with Cerebral Palsy is to: Purchase on a case by case basis. (p. 20) 

Perhaps NZ CE has been buzzing with this over the last few months and may be already well on the way to formulating how it will be responding.

Outside the Conductive Education bubble, however,  researchers, policy-makers, clinicians, administrators, special educationalists do communicate. CE's friends and foes alike will be aware of this new research review over the months and years to come, and incorporate their interpretation of this into their own decision-making and public positions.

Meanwhile, further information n is being sought (pp. 19-20). I do hope that the CE people in New Zealand will  include themselves in this exercise, and communicate the fruits of their considerations to the rest of the world of Conductive Education.

Meanwhile, users or potential users of Conductive Education, conductors and all whose livelihood depends upon CE, plus others with legitimate concerns for its well-being, might like to get started for themselves with the full document:

I should add that Appendix 9, the anonymously authored external peer review (pp. 39-40) is very well worth a read.

(Revised 08.02.17)


Barry. M. (2016) Evidence update: Conductive Education in children with cerebral palsy, ACC, August

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