Sunday, 11 December 2016


Uniform reports appear in Hungarian Press

Megkezdődött a konduktív pedagógia világkongresszusa

The conductive education system developed by Andras Pető,  doctor and pedagogue

Uniform reports have appeared today in the Hungarian Press. They tell that the 9th CE World Congress has begun in Budapest, involving  pedagogic experts, organisations and professionals in associated fields, this being the second time that this has been held in the city*. It continues that former Rector Franz Schaffhauser expresses a hope for strategic objectives and great solutions, and development of new pedagogical ways.

State Education Secretary László Palkovics states that this approach is used in twenty other countries around the world and stresses that improving movement is not a separate task but an integral part of the developing the whole personality. On behalf of the Education Ministry he promises more attention in future to prepare all children's to lead full lives.

The present Rector, Andrea Zsebe says that by Tuesday there would be approaching 490 registrants at the Congress, from eighteen countries.

Opera singer Andrea Rost, PAF's 'Goodwill Ambassador', says that through this institution Hungary adds value to the world .

et al...

Short TV news report

* Actually, the third time

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