Tuesday, 6 December 2016


What's it about? – 1

WC9's Programme and Abstracts Book are now on line:

Both these documents are in English. It is possible for people around the world to start to form impressions of what WC9 (the 9th World Congress on Conductive Education) might be about, at least at the level of its formal contents.

The proposed event to bring together Honorary Conductors is no longer in the Programme.

The title of the Congress is 'Welcome to the home of Conductive Education'. This does not appear to offer a theme in the contents that follow. Nor do the three keynote addresses on the opening day. The actual contents that follow (oral presentations, posters and videos) appear to represent contributors' own diverse interests and purposes.

A first quantification

Working from a first quick and dirty scan of the Abstracts Book, items listed came from the following countries...

'Lectures' (i.e. oral presentations)

Australia 4
France 3
Finland 1
Germany 4
Hungary 31
Israel 6
Joint: Denmark/Hungary 1
Mexico 2
Oriental CE 5
Spain 1
UK 2
US 13


Canada 1
France 1
Israel 1
Germany 13
Hungary 23
Japan 2
Israel 2
Joint: Sweden/US 1
Mexico 1
Oriental CE 6
Spain 2
UK 1
US 7


            Germany 1
Hungary 7
Israel 2
Oriental CE 3

  1. Apologies for any clerical slips in this count. Corrections welcome, to conductive.world@gmail.com 
  2. 'Oriental Conductive Education' refers here to the system developed in Hong Kong by SAHK and now establishing in Mainland China (see http://www.blurb.co.uk/b/2905541-last-year-in-hong-kong). Development in Japan has been apart from this and is therefore accounted separately here.
  3. Items are classified here according to their country of origin, not to the original nationalities of their authors
  4. The count is for items published in the Abstract Book, not for authors (many items are of double of multiple authorship).
  5. Most but not all Hungarian items come from the PAF.
Further quantification, qualification and comment will follow:

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