Monday, 12 December 2016


A new list

At the end of Day 2, flecks of new formulations begin to flutter serendipity out of the Congress in Budapest. Here is one, a photo of somebody's overhead (unattributed but with the PAF's logo in one corner), reproduced on Facebook by the ECA (European Conductive Association).

I reproduce this particular slide here because outside Hungary lists with this title have a long historical record and always seem to be of interest –

      Principles of conductive education
  •   Group work
  •   Individual planning
  •   Differentiation
  •   Daily routine
  •   Facilitation
  •   Adaptability
  •   Social adaptability
  •   Team work
Presumably this particular list was shown in the context of a sequence of slides bearing other ideas and information to help define its items as principled, and specifically conductive and pedagogic. The ECA site does not, however, identify these.



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