Thursday, 15 December 2016


Fundamental principle

It is funny how things can pop up together – synchronicity.


This morning Rony Schenker's Facebook page alerted me to an interview with Jonathon Cohen in a recent issue of a major Israeli newspaper, Maariv.

Jonathan is thirty now, and has been 'in' Conductive Education in one way or another for much of his life – and Conductive Education is now well and truly in him! This week he gave a presentation at WC9 in Budapest, called 'Growing up with Conductive Education'. In the Abstract for this he wrote –

It is the 'never give up' principle that moves me forward again and again


Jonathon's 'never give up' put me in immediate mind of the phrase that Ralph Strzałkowski chose for the title of his book on his own experiences of growing up with Conductive Education:

Never, never quit

(In its preface, Ralph confides (p.3) that he took this from an advert for Monster Energy drink.)

Ralph presented at the 'German Congress' two years ago.


Then quite coincidentally this afternoon, parent-veteran Jerry Maslanka (also Polish – coincidence?) wrote on Facebook –

Mária Hári once said... Pető Method teaches how to fight...

Sounds much the same thing to me. Rather better anyway than all those lists of principles that fail to capture the essence. Maria is still CE's best communicator...


And what did he say. As usual I have no direct knowledge of this. But I do know something that Mária often told –

One point in the basic philosophy of Pető was that 'one has to complete what one has begun' (he was deeply aware of the ethical side in every respect). This principle means that any function or action, even any thought, cannot be broken off, it must be carried out, one has to complete what one begins. (page 27)


Then before tea, Adrienn Oravecz got in touch to report how interesting this week's Congress had been. Like Jonathon and Ralph she had been in CE as a child, and like them CE has entered her being to blend with her wider upbringing.

You may have come across Adrienn on line this autumn and winter, looking for conductors to fill in gthe short questionnaire required for this stage of her PhD. As many might expect, she has not found it easy to get conductors to fill this in and return it to her. But give up, quit, cease the fight? They do not enter her thinking. She collected a lot of name cards at the Congress and talked to a lot of people. Don't be surprised to hear from her.

I heard from her, and I was not even there! So below are links that she has sent me to pass on, for where conductors can help push her hard-earned sample just a little higher! Come on conductors, it is your calling to help develop people like Jonathon, and Ralph, and Adrienn. A little further facilitation in adulthood can be much appreciated...


Cohen, J. (2016) Growing up with Conductive Education, Abstracts Book, 9th World Conductive Education Congress, Budapest, December, p. 16


Links to Adrenn's questionnaires, as provided:





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