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So it goes

The formal business of the 9th World Conference of CE is now done. For today and tomorrow, however,  there are two Post-Congress days at the PAF for those who wish to 'visit the work of Pető Institute [sic]'. Many Congress-goers are doubtless already headed home, or even back at work already, while others may have stayed over in Budapest to hit the town, sightseeing and shopping.

What remains? What does WC9 leave? What will the world of Conductive Education – and more importantly perhaps the big wide world outside this bubble – what will they have learned?

It is of course too early to tell. Wheels may have already been set in motion, of which even those most directly involved are not yet aware, and many may yet put to further use what they have presented or learned at WC9. But for now, the posters will have been taken down and the rooms returned to their workaday use – and it is reasonable to start asking what trace remains.

Carrying over

As at previous such events, there seems to have been no final communiqué to pass on – nothing to help judge whether Franz Scaffhauser's opening hope for this Congress was achieved, for strategic objectives and great solutions, and development of new pedagogical ways. Perhaps such will emerge.

I do nor know whether there was a concluding academic comment, like Prof. Dr. Willibald Weichert made at the end of the end of the previous Congress –

Less impressive to the author (as seen from his limited perspective) appeared the presentation of new academic insights into the area in question. In future congresses, more space (time) should also be given to discussing the multitude of substantive findings and suggestions directly with their audiences.

Perhaps the Congress-organisers worked hard to meet his challenge this time round, and succeeded. If so, it would be nice to have been told.

I believe that the place and location of WC10 has yet to be decided. Time to apply yourself to organise this on your own home ground:


In the meantime, the last two such Congresses have left traces in Cyberspace for those seeking to see what went on. WC7 in Hong Kong, has left a strong online heritage:

Just as important, many individuals and their organisations have taken steps to link to put their materials on line. In North America ACENA took the further step of collating relevant materials:

What happens this time round will emerge with time.


So far WC9 has generated only a minor coverage in the Hungarian press, with no apparent interest elsewhere in the world.

I have just noticed the set Hungarian article on this Congress (a Press Statement from MTI, the Government's press agency) has been republished again, in English:

It may of course be that this topic is taken up more reflectively, even freshly, later in the week.

Get in touch

Some of the materials presented at this Congress may appear in print (most likely on line) at some future date. Meanwhile the only way in which to follow up what might have been said or displayed on posters is to follow the long-established professional/academic method of writing to the presenters.

Unfortunately, the Call for Abstracts did not include a requirement for email addresses, and no email addresses are given at the head of abstracts. A bit of detective work might be successful in many cases but is unlikely to be in all.

This is a limitation.


I know that Tsad Kadima was to launch its new book Genesis at WC9:

There appears to have been no other presence for books etc. at this Congress.

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