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In Hungarian only

Number 1 and number 2

In July this year a new six-monthly serial publication made its first appearance, with volume 1, number 1 of Tudomány és Hivatás ('Science and Profession'): This not a journal in the full, formal sense but an means to publish writing from the PAF:

Number 1 appeared unheralded. There is a standing link to the first issue on the PAF's website:

As anticipated no 2 was published to coincide with the 9th World Congress earlier this month.There is as yet no obvious link there to no 2 on PAF's website, though this second issue is indeed already up in Cyberspace and open for all to see:


There seems not to be a paper edition (or if there is its availability remains unannounced).

Issue no 1 appeared on line as a PAI document. As such it could not only be read but also cut and pasted, an important facility for those who (like myself) need the service of a machine-translation to form an idea of what is going on – and therefore vital if this publication is going to serve much of a function in communicating its contents to a wider outside world.

Issue no 2 has come on line through issuu. The result looks more flash (one can 'turn' the pages) but this is a read-only PDF. Unless you know something that I do not know (if so, do please share) it cannot be cut and pasted, so machine-translation is out. In terms of potential worldwide communication of the contents of this publication, therefore, this is a retrograde step, for the authors and for the PAF, and for the lost readership.

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Anonymous Andrew Sutton said...

Subsequent development

I see that there is now (8 January) a way to link to the second issue of this publication that does work consistently:

Sunday, 8 January 2017 at 17:34:00 GMT  

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