Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Budapest 1944-5

Over Christmas I have been reading Paul Bogdanor's recently published book Kasztner's Crime, a brutally detailed forensic examination and judgement of certain highly contentious events in Hungary, especially Budapest, during the last year of the Second World War in Hungary.

I did not find what I had been what specifically looking for in this book, but I did find much more that I rather wish that I had not, to deepen my undestanding of what happened to Hungarian Jewry at that time and in that place.

Coincidentally, with that book still not quite finished, Facebook reminded me this morning that three years I had posted a brief overview of the circumstances of which these events were just a part, with special reference to András Pető. It seems appropritae to link to this earlier posting here, for those who are interested in this particular aspect of the world out of which Conductive Education first emerged. Read it in full at:

Most recent posting on a similar theme:


Bogdanor, P. (2016), Kasztner's Crime, New Brunswick and London, Transaction Publishers

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