Friday, 30 December 2016


What goes around, comes around  


Readers of Conductive World may have noticed that it is increasingly drawing from its own archive material. It seems likely that this practice will continue into 2017.

In part this has been due Facebook's routine 'memories to look back on today'. Every morning it reminds me of items that I have posted this day in earlier years, usually including at least one item that I feel worth sharing afresh. And anyway, some of the bigger issues just d0 not go away...

Perhaps many of Conductive World's present audience did not follow these pages in earlier years. Certainly at the moment Conductive Education is looked at by more people than used once to be the case – with individual postings nowadays sometimes being 'hit' hundreds of times over their first few days on line. And for whatever reason, resurrected topics are amongst those attracting readers.

There are also, however, more substantive reasons, historical ones, for offering a longer-term perspective on a topic. This can add a vital dimension to a one-off report and shed revealing light on the events of today. Human memory is short and uncertain, and it is always instructive, for example, to see who has been saying or doing what and other connections in times gone by.


A recent example

From a year ago today:

A continuing record

Conductive World will of course continue routinely to notify today's events etc. that may have bearing of the survival of Conductive Education (or even its advancement) in these unpredictable times, and such other things as may from time to time seem instructive or amusing!



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