Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Training in Germany

A year ago this day Conductive World carried the following story, announcing the imminence of training in Conductive Education in Germany.

Since then, I gather, in 2016 the course was granted Ministerial approval, and subsequently an announcement that it would commence this Winter appeared briefly on Facebook.

Here (in English) is what was was reported here a year ago –

Study course of curative pedagogy / conductive furtherance

A basic course of study in curative pedagogy with a focus on 'conductive pedagogy' is planned at the Protestant University in Nuremberg from the winter semester in 2015.

A very positive meeting with representatives of the Bavarian Ministries for Social Affairs, Education and Science, the Protestant University of Nuremberg, the Pfennigparade Foundation and the Conductors' Association took place in July 2013. All three ministries are positive about the course of studies. The Pfennigparade Foundation is provides financial support within the framework with an endowed chair for up to five years in prospect.

The college has examined the concept of the programme, which has been filed with the Ministry of Science. The planned 15 study places are to be taken included in the Federal and State [Bavarian] education programme for universities.

The Pető Institute, the conductor-training college in Budapest, Hungary, has confirmed its willingness to participate in the course of studies. Among other things, an internship semester at the Pető Institute may be held in Budapest.

For the original German words see Conductive World for 27 December 2015:

Course content

The Protestant College's summary of the content of this course is on line:

A previous report on this...


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