Saturday, 10 December 2016


Sadness and smiles

The first little film here is American. It is quite old. I think that it has general relevance. It refers to that hateful mix of money (lack of it), hope (about all that parents may have to hold on to) and the everlasting struggle (with hypocrisy, stupidity, obduracy, mean-mindedness, bureaucracy etc.) that blights the lives of everyone caught up in such struggles, on whichever side, and should shame whole societies.

I hope that this first film makes you smile a little:

Going back forty-odd years I have been so often struck by parents' frequent recognition, even sympathy, that their professional opponents have their own problems and feelings too. The second little film here is also from the States, also it is quite old now, but perhaps it too is also still generally relevant. It is another variation of that oft-subtitled Hitler's Bunker meme.

This one expresses the tragedy of the burnt-out professional remainer, still holding on for the last empty reward that the system can offer for a wasted life. Not much to smile at here:

I posted these two films five years ago. People liked them then. I wonder how they will play today.

Since then, certainly in England, vast amounts of blood and treasure have been squandered to create what was supposed to be a whole new world of 'special needs'. From what I read and hear the prime outcome is that things are no better now, they just bring everyone even more fruitless, soul-sucking struggle to get to where they were before.

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