Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Hear them

There are so many unstated and unresolved questions in Conductive Education.

Just one of these: the present activities and wishes of young adults whose lives have been touched by Conductive Education during their childhood, and their critical opinions of it all and what might be done differently.

Yesterday, Facebook's 'On this day' reminded me of three earlier sightings:
Diána Groó's Hungarian video from 2013 (still on YouTube)
Ralph Strzalkowali's blog posting, also from 2013, about own his critical memoir (still available)
Sare Jarm's Australian newsreel report the year before (also still on YouTube)

This diverse and articulate bunch spotted by chance in just one day!

I must resist extending this into a longer and longer list... Susanne Sweeney, George McDowell, Adrienn Oravecz, Holly Edgecombe, are names that jump straight to my mind. A little further reflection, however, a quick Internet trawl, a few conversations, would identify a lot more from an unheard army out there, in Hungary, Germany, Israel, the English-speaking world...

No, I must stop. It is for others to take this further, should they wish...

The 'German Congress' (WC8 in 2014) aimed to incorporate 'young people' but I do know what if anything came of it. Perhaps next month's 'Hungarian Congress' will build on this experience, and on other lessons from previous World Congresses. Perhaps.

But whatever young adults might wish, it is unlikely to be for change that is top-down, from congresses and the like, from older people's activities alien to their worlds.

Conductive Education worldwide could desperately do with emergence of a new force from within. If young adults who know Conductive Education from the inside (yes, there is a sort of pun there) are not potentially such a force, then what is?


*   Part 2 is to be found at:

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