Friday, 18 November 2016


Online legacies in the Internet Age

A year ago Conductive World remarked upon the the visible 'archaeology' of the 8th CE World Congress (held in Germany in 2014).

Its own former URL is now a blocked site:

The two sites mentioned on the posting of 2014 remain accessible on line. You can still find that Congress's programme and its abstracts, and – if you like that sort of thing – the song performed at WC8:

On Facebook

The 8th Congress's Facebook page has faded away over 2016. Its 'Young Faces' page has done a little better, but not much:

Online legacies

WC7 in Hong Kong, left a substantial online trace, presumably because it was arranged by a single, permanent organisation SAHK This could both do this and regarded doing so as a responsible and socially useful task:

A permanent record for WC8 was perhaps not possible because the event was arranged by a consortium of German organisations brought together specifically for this task. Congress over – job done.

Next month's Congress is being organised by a single permanent organisation. What visible legacy legacy might it leave?

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