Monday, 14 November 2016


Whoever would have thought it possible...?

Six years ago or so I was very much looking forward to the 7th World Congress, and to Hong Kong. There was quite a bit on online activity around this event, all very 21st-century, it seemed. That was exciting. Potentially inclusive. The future. Very much in tune with what SAHK had in mind. Here is one contribution from myself, written soon before WC7 began:

The magazine article referred in this item to is no longer on line. But there is nothing in the article's authors overall conclusion as linked to above on Conductive World that seems to need changing.

I had a further chance to consider the world of the future at the Congress itself, in a contribution to its concluding Round Table, 'Conductive Education in the 21st century'...

What I said on the night

Read it in full here:

WC9 in Hong Kong was only six years ago. I would never have conceived then of the events since, never mind those of the last few months.

And for WC9...

The Internet is not bustling round WC9 (though it does seem still to be thriving elsewhere).

Good luck to anyone who addresses questions about the future of Conductive Education next month at the next Congress – in Budapest of all places. The lesson that I take from looking back over the lst six years is that, when talking about the future, you can say what you like, saying what you wis and what you fear (as long as you state clearly which it is!), you can even be very bold and say what your own plans are.

But do not try to predict.


Sutton, A. (2010) 'East meets West': so it goes Conductive World, 14 N0vember

Sutton, A. (2010) Final contribution: five minutes for concluding 'round table', Conductive World, 8 December

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