Thursday, 3 November 2016


'Pető Premium'

The PAF's new 'Pető Premium' service in the Hungarian provincial town of Gyula is planned to be in operation soon. This is to be towards the Hungarian 'health tourism' industry though it will also link with the planned South Plains Regional Centre as part of the PAF's stategic plan to decentralise out of Budapest. More information:

Strategic plan announced

Gyula developments announced

Conductor jobs advertised

Conductor jobs

This advert may be of general interest:
  • it appears to refer specifically to working in the Pető Premium service for paying customers
  • the service will be of an 'interval' nature, i.e. in block placements of one to three weeks
  • this service is anticipate to be provided mainly in foreign languages
  • the work is daily, Monday to Friday, 'of at least four consecutive hours'
  • relevant in-service training will be provided
  • conductors will be expected to work in 'English, German or Russian using conductive terminology'
  • previous experience in Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, and post-stroke will be an advantage
  • so will German language skills.
There is no application deadline and it looks like a continuous need for new conductor staff is anticipated.


(2016)  KONDUKTOR: munkatársakat keresünk Gyulai Pető Prémium Pontba. Budapest, PAF

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