Monday, 7 November 2016


Evidence-based practice

Judit Szathmáry has written to remind me of something that I wrote four years ago. She says –
It has been a long road over 33 years watching how people are conditioned to believe in and opt for 'evidence based' interventions that will never deliver the results they wish for.

Actually, I was not so much something that I wrote as something that I quoted from Jo Lebeer, from his contribution to the book András Pető.

Four years on Joe's piece is still worth considering. There have been no methodological advances in empirical outcome-evaluation as applied to Conductive Education. There has, however, been a stirring of interest in qualitative research, with a qualitative study that may come to be regarded as significant due out next month.

Oh yes, Judit, the wheels do grind exceeding slow!


Lebeer, J. (2012) Time once more to heed the original message, in G. Maguire and A. Sutton (eds) András Pető, Birmingham, CEP, pp. xv-xvii

Sutton, A. (2012) Evidence-based: a medical scientist's perspective, Conductive World, 7 November



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