Saturday, 5 November 2016


Great chance for CE to put on a show

The President of Hungary János Áder, and his wife Anita Herczegh will be visiting New Zealand from 13 to 16 November,.

Presumably staff of the Hungarian Embassy in Zealand and through them the Hungarian Ministry and Foreign affairs and the Hungarian media – not to mention the President and his wife – are being fully briefed of what has been achieved by New Zealand Conductive Education, with the world of Kiwi CE represented at some of the events.

There will be visits to Wellington, Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty. Surely the CE centre in at least one of these places is scheduled for a visit.

A genuine expression of shared lives across half a planet – and a really great PR opportunity.

It would be a pity if the visit were not to be about more than bilateral trade, and the welcome given to eleven hundred Hungarian refugees sixty years ago, following the 1956 Uprising...

Press release

Doubtless we shall hear more...

NZ Newsletter is back

After a bit of a hiatus the NCFCE's online newsletter has produced its first issue for 2016, with a new format. The New Zealand Conductors' Association does not feature.



Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Andrew,
There were some changes recently which saw the NZCA transform to the Counductive Education Council of New Zealand (CECNZ). The NZFCE has not embraced this move, so you could say the cultivation of the relationship between us is a "work in progress".
As far as the Hungarian President and his wife's visit is concerned, sadly, I am told by the Embassy that their schedule is too tight to fit in any visits to any CE centres. However, I will be sure to try make the most of any opportunities I may have myself to raise the CE question with the President and his wife.
By the way, I am Klara Szentirmay, the current (new) president of the CECNZ.
Thanks for the post :-)

Monday, 7 November 2016 at 08:22:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a new news!
Thank you Andrew!
As always you are very well informed!
However I am sorry for the Hungarian visitors as it is their loss. ..
Kind Regards Always
Andor Cseh

Tuesday, 8 November 2016 at 06:40:00 GMT  
Anonymous Andrew said...

Not that well informed, Andor.

I have been trying to remember who was the last Hungarian President of Prime Minister to visit New Zealand. Whoever it was, I am sure, visited a Conductive Education unit.

Or maybe my memory plays me tricks. Can you or anyone help?

Tuesday, 8 November 2016 at 10:40:00 GMT  
Blogger Andor Cseh said...

Goncz Arpad
You right!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016 at 04:15:00 GMT  
Anonymous Andrew said...

When President Árpád Göncz visited New Zealand in 1999 he seems to have had no contact with Conductive Education, but in September 2009 President László Sólyom visited the the Integrated Neurological Rehabilitation Foundation at Tui Glen in Auckland.

Maybe next time,


Wednesday, 9 November 2016 at 23:07:00 GMT  

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