Tuesday, 15 November 2016


A little dead
The important and serious things, cannot be done in a small magnitude. One cannot be a little pregnant, a little suffering from syphilis, a little dead. There is no such thing as little!
(Attributed to András Pető)
I suspect that many readers already know this reported saying of András Pető, and I suppose that there are others who had ever heard it.

Both those who have known of it for years and those who read it here for the first time might like to consider how this reported expression of his holism might imply for some activities currently referred to as Conductive Eduction, konduktive Fördering, Pető-modzer, or whatever.

Trace this reported saying back to Péter Popper, through here:

Follow back to some more of Andras Pető, here:

Follow the above link and click on the front cover of the book that you find there to open its opening pages, including pieces by Judit Forrai, Jo Lebeer and Reuven Feuerstein.

Or in the spirit both of Christmas andof what AP advises here, buy a hard copy of the whole book as a very special present for some needy soul. 

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