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It might even help

At one time, a while back now, postings on Conductive World used to generate extensive and at times passionate Comments. They no longer do. Perhaps Conductive World has changed, perhaps it is the world that has. Likely both.

Conductive Education does is not characterised by the sort of open internal discussion and debate that could contribute positively to the refinement and development of its art and science – and to its proper communication to the world in which it is embedded.

Here is a rare published analysis of this, from 2009, from Judit Szathmáry. The specific point at issue was that families were blogging that they had picked up on Conductive Education, and pursued it with enthusiasm. Then moved on. They had 'done' Conductive Eduction. Conductive Education has other unfaced big issues. Judit's analysis applies.

Judit's nine points

Judit wrote –
I believe we should be talking about this openly and honestly too. So why don’t we? It comes down to many factors. 
Lack of tradition to discuss sensitive issues openly.Lack of time.
Lack of confidence.
Lack of trust in not being judged by others having an opinion, maybe an opinion, which doesn’t fit in to the common points of views.
A deep-seated insecurity within the conductive community.
A ‘rather to be right than happy’ attitude – by not talking about sensitive and relevant issues we don’t risk to be found wrong, but we also deprive ourselves of learning from each other and growing.
A misconception about asking questions. If I ask they think I am stupid or I don’t know. Forgetting that the forever-enquiring mind creates enormous potentials for finding intelligent solutions.
A lack of ability and precedence to communicate with respect and take upon a disagreement with honour.
A lack of belief that anyone would care to engage into conversation over the Internet.
I could go on…and on… I am as much as fault with the above as many of us in the world of Conductive Education.

There are other factors that I can guess, and others too that I have had described to me as contributing to the situation, including some quite dark ones.

Here's a historical perspective, from Emma MacDowell (which includes the reported view of the eminent sociologist Elemér Hankiss):

And I have to add that like Judit there have been times that I have trodden very carefully, too carefully. Less so than I did, once but at times I still do.

I have no idea what to do about this. KBO may not be enough.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

how about this discussion is this an example of reinforcing trust and an unbiased opinion exchange?

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 at 10:07:00 BST  

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