Monday, 3 October 2016


Anton Makarenko

Anton Makarenko: Upbringing is an easy thing, a documentary film showing on Wednesday, on Russian television –

Антон Макаренко
Воспитание – легкое дело
Документальный фильм
Смотрите в ЭФИРЕ, 5 октября, ср. 
Антон Семенович Макаренко был признан ЮНЕСКО одним из четырех педагогических гениев ХХ века...

It says that Anton Makarenko has been recognised by UNESCO as one of the twentieth century's four pedagogic geniuses... But in Russia, he has dropped off the radar.

It is amazing how  a once-mighty pedagogy can so thoroughly fall from grace and out of practice, in little more than a generation. A pedagogy is such a fragile thing, so laborious to construct and transmit yet so vulnerable to social and political change.

Makarenko's pedagogy has not been the first to meet this fate and there is no reason to suppose that it will be the last.

Thank you Elena Italdtinova for alerting me to this. I am pleased to pass it on to those who can pick up this TV channel.

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