Friday, 14 October 2016


Old and new worlds

A brief formal notice has been published on the PAF's website to record a ceremony on 6 October at Villányi út, commemorating the death of Máriá Hári.

Vice-Rector Éva Szabó did the honours before Maria's memorial tablet, Nóra Beck recited a verse by poet Alexander Weöres, and flowers were placed in memory.

Previous item on Máriá Hári:


...on 10 October PAFs website linked to a local television news report of a mayoral press conference in the town of Gyula, to mark commencement of work on the Pető Premium Point and the South Plains Regional Pető Centre. Construction will be 'to comply with the highest international requirements' and it is planned to open for business in Summer 2017.

Previous mention of the Gyula project:

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