Saturday, 8 October 2016


What is a 'travelling conductor'?
Utazó konduktor

Az Országos Utazó Konduktori Munkacsoport megalakítása

The Hungarian Government has issued new amendments to the laws on the regulation of education and certain related matters

Chapter 3 formalises the role of 'travelling conductor'. It mentions a 'national network'

Jargon, officialese, can be hard for anyone outside a system to understand, in any language and even for native speakers. I see the words, but I do not understand what they refer to.

Is there something remarkably new and inventive in the role of 'travelling conductor' or is this something already familiar elsewhere in the world?

And what its the best translation into English? Travelling conductor? Peripatetic conductor? Outreach conductor? Flying conductor?

Is it his a big step forward for Conductive Education in that country, conceptually and practically, or part of a worrying trend in Conductive Education worldwide??

National conductors' meeting

On 20 October the PAF will hold a very full half-day's professional briefing on the Utazó konduktor:

This will be in Hungarian only, so is presumably directed wholly at practice and arrangements in Hungary (and perhaps not expecting to learn from experience elsewhere).

What is a travelling conductor in practice, and where is this heading. Is it theorised, if so how? And how widespread might this become? Might it replace other activities? And what new givens might emerge from emerging patterns of practice, under an old and quite different law: the Law of Unintended Consequences?

So it goes, travelling on...

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