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2008 and now?
And what?

Gill Maguire has unearthed a local newspaper report, from 2008, about a British charity's work in Transcarpathia in the Ukraine, in the town of Vinohradiv (known in Hungarian as Nagyszőllős):

Might this be a record of an early Transcarpathian venture from the then PAI? Or something completely different? Either way, at the specific level, things in Trancarpathia in 2008 sounded pretty grim, grimmer that many know things in Europe can be. Even so, at the St Theresa Therapy and Education Centre, run by the Catholic charity Caritas
Staff are trained at the world-famous Peto Institute in Hungary.

Perhaps this refers to some early Transcarpathian activity by the then PAI? Or perhaps to something completely different? Either way, at the specific level, the situation for disabled children and their families in 2008 sounded pretty limited.

At the more general level, this raises the question of how much Conduction Education intervention is required to achieve a critical level in a given situation, and what is then required to maintain advantages gained? Like other development aid, just parachuting it in is no long-term solution.

The charity that funded the intervention described in the above 2008 report is still active and now appears to have created an oasis of its own. It hopes to create more:

Caritas seems involved here too.

Putting aside the political situation (as if one could!) Ukraine stil has a mountain to climb.

A 2014 report from the PAI mentioned 'pedagogic screening' in Nagyszőllős (known as Vinohradiv in Ukrainian):

It could be of such wider benefit if ventures like this were publicly described and analysed, wherever they occur and whoever does them.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Ukraine


Maguire, G. (2016) Conductive Education in Ukraine? Conductive Education Information, 6 October

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