Friday, 21 October 2016


A real problem?

Not for the first time the valuable site in the Buda hills around Kútvölgi út in Budapest is attracting the interest of powerful forces with priorities other than Conductive Education and motor disorders.

This was reported in a week ago in a pro-government newspaper Magyar Idők ('Hungarian Times'). This was flagged up very briefly on Conductive World's Facebook page, where it caused no apparent excitement: 

Here's the gist of the Hungarian news item in English, for those who consider such matters.

The title of last week's report was 'New details on the Buda super-hospitals'

It appears that the search is on for a site to build a thousand-bed hospital in Buda. An architect has been appointed:
  • One proposed location in Buda has good transport links but the disadvantage of utilising greenfield land.
  • A more urban setting up the road from the János Kórház (St John's Hospital) has poorer transport links but there are plans to improve these. The land and buildings of the former military institute across the Villányi út from the PAF still stand vacant and present a possibility,
Things are still in the air.

Years ago the site across Villányi út was subject to plans for a massive International Pető Institute but this came to nothing when a misjudged International Appeal met no significant response.


Haiman, É. (2014) , Újabb részletek a budai szuperkórházakról, 14 October

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