Monday, 10 October 2016


Four years on

It seems to be a Golden October for all sorts of Anniversaries. Another one is that just over four years ago Gill Maguire and I had published a book called András Pető, and four years ago today Susie Mallett blogged enthusiastically about how she felt on reading it.

I was very pleasing at the time to share in her enthusiasm for what Gill and I had put together. Four years later, however, I have to report that the book's sales have been disappointing. There has been a steady flow of 'Likes' for this book on Facebook – but these Likes do not turn into sales. In effect, apart from a few bulk buys, few have bought this book. Consequently there are few who can have read it.

I make no special case here for the virtues of this book (I am hardly entitled to), though I have noted over the years a general and astonishing lack of interest in written sources within Conductive Education. Indeed one might consider this a pervasive weakness in Conductive Education as a whole.

Specifically, over the last four years there has been little discernible progress an establishing a field of 'Pető Studies' to substantiate the aura that clings to András Pető's name.

Oh well, it's never too late, and this book remains in print. People will doubtless continue to post their 'Likes', though what one can like about a book without actually seeing a copy is a question that defeats me. For the future, perhaps the world of Conductive Education will change. Perhaps people might even read this book and share some of the feelings that it evoked in Susie Mallett four years ago.

See more of this book – perhaps even order a copy:


Maguire, G., Sutton, A. (2012) András Pető, Birmingham, CEP

Mallett, S. (2012) András Pető Gillian Maguire, Andrew Sutton, and many more, Conductor, 10 October

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