Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Australian-style reform elsewhere?

CE pioneer Sue O'Reily has published an extensive and detailed item on the new Australian NDIS, the National Disability Insurance Scheme. If what Sue says is right, the NDIS will mean that disabled people will at last get services that they want, and many existing services will meet their come-uppance. Australia will certainly be a country to watch. And to envy too.

Of course not every country and its services are structured like in Australia so, as things presently stand, many of us will be unable to do much more at the moment than stand and watch. As the future continues to unfold, though, and it becomes ever harder for developed societies to make ends meet, the time must surely come for root-and-branch reconsideration of just how things are presently structured closer to home

Wouldn't it be wonderful, for example, if the Gordian knot of the abject shambles of 'special educational needs' in England could be sliced right through by radial reform of this kind. I cannot see what other mechanism could achieve this in a society such as the one that I live in.

Oh dear, I think that I first wrote something along these lines about forty year ago, in the face of what then counted as an economic crisis. Since then, however, I watched the problems that I railed against then just get worse, and worse.

Does the day of the final reckoning at last approach? Might I really live to see it?

In the meantime, do read what Sue has written, follow what turns out in Australia, and watchfully await your own Day of Judgement .Or even work actively towards bringing it about.


O'Reilly, S, (2016) How the disability sector is being uberised, Australian Financial Review Magazine, 6 October

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