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30 November 2016

It is some time since I heard news of Franz.

He will be chairing a section of a day meeting at PAF at the end of next month, at the open event that PAF is contributing to this year's Science Festival organised by the Hungarian Academy of Science.

Franz is programmed to speak at the World CE Congress shortly afterwards, in December.

An event to share?

One of the topics to be presented at the Science Festival meeting is the PAF's new online publication, Science and Profession, the appearance of which raises hope that more of PAF's presentationsat this and similar events may now find their way into the public domain.

Topics of perhaps wider interest at this particular meeting are:
  • The disabled child in the family, parents' 'coping strategies' (Ilona Berente)
  • The present and future of the András Pető Institute (Krisztina Molnár)
  • Presentation of issue no 2 of Science and Profession (Renáta Földesi, Zsófia Kállay, István Tarsoly, Ádám Ágnes, Krisztina Molnár
See full programme

Science and Profession

Incidentally, István Tarsoly is Head of the Library.

Science Festival

PAF contributed to last year's Science Festival

This year's Festival will run from 3 to 30 November

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