Friday, 16 September 2016


Ask Google

Within Conductive Education one hears a lot about Pető, usually spelled Peto outside Hungary and on the Internet. He or this must be very well known, surely?

But what does the name mean to people who are not part of this small circle? How might one quantify this?

What might those coming upon this word for the first time do to find out what it means? Probably in most cases nowadays, Google it. What might the proverbial Little Green Man from Mars discover when he does?

If he looks up “Peto” on he will find 'about 13,900,000 results'.

Try it for yourself. Look at what results come up in the first few pages.

Do many people search beyond the first five results pages?

Which Google?

I had used my default local, version, English I could also have searched, and there are quite a few other local English-language Googles. UK Google found nothing on the first two results pages (except menti in a Wikipedia disambiguation page), there was a brief appearance on page three (as one of the destinations for a manor British charity helping fund children to go abroad for medical treatment) and nothing on pages four and five.

In German I  started with I did this, and found the PAF appearing towards the foot of page 3. Nothing else in the first five pages. I did not try others

Try your own local, default Google. Just search “Peto” and see what you get. 

Then try searching for “Peto” selectively, under Google Images. Maps, Shopping, News, etc. Prepare to be disappointed and possibly intrigued, especially perhaps when scrolling down, and down, and down, under Images!

What to say?

Peto is a very common word to denote people and things, and more – in a number of language, but the uses met with respect to Conductive Education do not amount to a hill of beans in the great scheme of things.

With or without those little marks over its final letter, the word 'Peto' holds an important place within Conductive Education, and the legacy of András Pető is something to be held very dear.

Using the expression 'world famous', however, without assurance that this term is being validly applied, it use may be ruining whatever case that one is trying to make. Or worse.

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