Monday, 12 September 2016


New information from new website

The ghostly skeleton site seen on line a month ago now has flesh to its bones:

The Lead Conductor is Csilla Ercan but there is no specific mention yet of conductors (nor jobs advertised). There is plenty else, however, including an account of Conductive Education that is basically Cottonist.

CESK remains under the ownership AFAQ educational services company. An undated page on the company's website reports that the school is now in its second year of operation, with 94 pupils –
AFAQ runs one Conductive Education school in Farwaniya which currently has 94 students enrolled. The school is in its second year of operations and caters to students with motor problems, multiple disabilities, cerebral palsy, hyperactivity, autism, ADHD and Down’s syndrome. The School is divided into classes. Each class contains at most 6 students and they are selected and offered a program according to their individual needs. The classes and programs are run by conductors who are primarily expatriates from UK, South Africa and India...


The long-established Wikipedia entry dates CESK from September 2003:,_Kuwait

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