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A lot of people have clicked on last Friday's posting on Conductive World, recalling the first and the final day of András Pető. This posting links to the simple ceremony held in Szombathely, the town of his birth wondering what else might be reported after the weekend:

In the event, I have seen nothing further.

That previous posting was in English. Here's something for Hungarian readers, posted on this day in 2013. It is a short, and better-than-average account of his life:

It links to the blog of Zoli Rabbi (Rabbi Zoltán Radnóti). He has done some of his own investigation, and dug out just a little that I have not previously seen but, like everyone else, he had drawn a total blank over the years of the Second World War.

I do not know whether Zoltán Radnóti is connected with the RadnótiMiklós the poet, murdered in the Holocaust, whose widow Fanny played a role the early years of conductive pedagogy in Budapest, in the years immediately following the War.


Blogger Andrew DSutton said...

It is now posted that ceremonies were held by the PAF at four 'traditional locations'. In addition to the birthplace plaque on Szombately these were at the columbarium where his ashes reside, the before his bust at PAF itself, and at the angel memorial on the wall of his former flat. As part of the latter ceremony, a party of chldren visited the flat itself, an innovation, I think.

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